I was in Denver Friday because I spent the morning in Colorado Springs with Gen. Tommy Franks (search).

The man who led the Iraq War is retired from the military now, but he is still on the public stage. He's been standing in the shadows offstage, but he's about to jump out into the spotlight.

Franks' new book, "American Solider," is coming out August 3. His publisher, Regan Books, is using the tag line... "The Man Who Will Tell You the Truth."

This book is loaded with revelations about the Iraq war. Loaded.

It is a whale which will splash all the water out of the pool, and leave the book publishing minnows flopping on the lawn.

I can't reveal the revelations — I promised not to break the embargo — but I can tell you Gen. Franks' book will change the political debate in this country in a few important ways.

He will tell us why we believed WMDs were in Iraq, who told us they were there and why it was believable. He will tell us how foreign nations left us hanging out to dry, breaking their promises to help.

Franks is a registered independent, and he takes some whacks at the Republicans as well as the Democrats. He criticizes some high-placed people for things he thinks were mistakes in this war.

So watch out... the week after the Democratic Convention, the whale hits the water. "American Soldier: The Man Who Will Tell You the Truth by Gen. Tommy Franks.

That's My Word.

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