Garry Shandling, Kevin Smith and Snoop Dogg

Garry Shandling, Kevin Smith and Snoop Dogg in the DVD glare of the Foxlight.

How's his hair? Hey now! Garry Shandling has never been better at anything than playing Larry Sanders. The first season of Larry Sanders is coming out on DVD on Tuesday. It debuted 10 years ago, but it's still hilarious — even with the occasional dated monologue joke. One question: Will Garry or Larry do the narration track? How about both!

One of the most slipshod exercises in 'love it or hate it' movies comes from Kevin Smith. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back asks the question, 'who struck in the first place?' Smith has had an uneven career churning out hits and near misses but Jason Mewes is always hilarious — even if he owes his whole career to Silent Bob. Expect even more uneven stuff in the outtakes on the DVD out Tuesday as well.

And who let this dog out? Snoop Dogg haunts a downtown mansion in something called Bones.

Finally, he's a scary guy in Lord of the Rings. Actually, he's frightening in everything — except in person. But would you believe Christopher Lee is a classically trained singer? Until there's "Dracula The Musical" how about Christopher Lee Sings Devils Rogues and Other Villains. Yep, it's for real. It's here along with 14 other boogey without the woogey tunes.