Gambling Wife Charged After Leaving Disabled Husband in Casino Parking Garage

A Nebraska woman was charged with neglect of a dependent person after leaving her husband unattended in a car outside a casino.

Judy Lea Fairbanks, 52, of Bellevue, Neb., was charged Saturday after she was found gambling at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs.

Police said she left her husband in the car and taped a sign to the window, which said "I have a disability. Do not be alarmed. I am resting. Please do not call security."

Fairbanks' husband cannot speak or care for himself, the police report said.

Officials estimate he had been left in the vehicle on the third floor of the parking garage for about an hour before he was discovered sleeping in the front passenger seat.

The temperature was about 28 degrees at the time, according to the National Weather Service.

An investigation revealed the same couple was involved in a similar incident on March 6.

Judy Fairbanks was arrested, charged with neglect and transported to jail.