Full House

What a great week to host a morning news show: Kerry picks a mate, the CIA says good-bye to a director, a former Enron chief gets cuffed and a homeland security head says we are not secure at home. Maybe that's why all of you seem to be watching this week, or maybe its E.D.’s hair…

Regardless the ratings have been fantastic and we thank you for it.

Juliet spelled E.D. Friday and did her usual great job. Thankfully she never called me Julian.

What did we learn today? Well, that Tom Ridge (search) has to be painfully tight-lipped and that politics never entered into his decision to raise America's awareness of the terrorists at large.

We learned former Army Secretary Van Hipp believes there might be more then just one hostage mystery aside from Corporal Hassoun — who possibly staged his own kidnapping. Might the two Japanese hostages, now released, have done the same thing?

Former CIA Director Stansfield Turner thinks that naming a new permanent guy to take over George Tenet would be a disastrous thing

Once again if you want to help land a hand in Iraq we provide an opportunity. Friday we featured Sgt. Chris Thomlinson along with his mom who together launched a drive to ship air conditioners to Iraq. Want to help? Log onto www.operationac.com

We also managed to squeeze in some fun. Once again I was exposed for my lack of farm animal knowledge. I did not know that we eat steer, or bulls, just thought edible beef was from cows not guys. Mike Tobin looking to unwind from his blissful beat in Jerusalem decided to take a few days off and run with the bulls. Laying on the beach listening to Bill Clinton’s book on tape is just not his speed I guess.

The most interesting part of the show to me was when campaign guru Joe Trippi came on to talk about his book along with the inside story of the rise and fall of Howard Dean. He uncovered the true big story of this campaign and that is the untapped power of the Internet. While most of these candidates still use 40 person focus groups to see how they play in Peoria, Trippi tapped into million online in chats rooms, blogs and Web sites. Using their feedback he made his candidate a true man for the masses — at least until the "I have a scream", speech.

Look for the staff here at “FOX & Friends” to pick up the ball starting today. Please write us back telling us what or who you'd like to see on the show. Let us know what bugs you about the show as well. You have made us No. 1 in cable mornings for the last three years. Now we need to get your feedback to go after CBS. LET US HAVE IT!

Have a great weekend.

Brian Kilmeade