Friends of Stacy Peterson Decry Drew Peterson's $25G Reward as Publicity Stunt

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Friends of missing woman Stacy Peterson say a $25,000 reward offered by her husband Drew Peterson, the prime suspect in her disappearance, is just another ploy for attention.

Stacy's neighbor Sharon Bychowski, who with a group of the young woman's friends has put out a separate reward for $35,000, denounced retired police officer Peterson's latest move.

"We know that it’s another publicity stunt," Bychowski told MyFOXChicago. "Everything Drew does is not about finding Stacy, ever."

But Peterson's attorney says the reward is a genuine effort to track down his fourth wife, who vanished six months ago and hasn't been heard from since.

"We don't need to do publicity stunts to get attention — we can get it without doing anything," lawyer Joel Brodsky told MyFOXChicago. "This is a bona fide, real attempt to spur interest in finding Stacy."

Brodsky said his client wants to bring her out of "hiding where she does not want to be found."

Peterson has maintained that Stacy ran off on her own. He told MyFOXChicago that tips are already pouring in, including a promising one from a woman who thought she saw his missing wife at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.

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