Friends, Michael Moore, Chelsea Clinton and P. Diddy are in the Foxlight

Which shows would you put on the air if you were programming the networks? If you're a Friends fan, then that's what you get with the new DVD episodes. The people have spoken, and they wanted the first season. Now, all 24 episodes from the 1994-95 season are here. It's nice to be reminded that Joey hasn't gotten any smarter — and to see what Chandler looked like before rehab. Do the Friends get any of the $69.99 from the set? That's what they need — bigger paychecks.

Michael Moore loves to unearth the foibles of the wealthy and powerful. He loves to defend the little guy. Now, despite his girth, he's the little guy — he's been evicted from his office. But the reason is unusual for someone who's gotten rich and famous by making fun of the rich and famous — he didn't pay the rent. He whines about it on his website as though it's his landlord's fault. Maybe that landlord will make a documentary trying to find him called Michael and Me.

Finally, Chelsea Clinton is hanging with a new homie. Here's a couple that paints an interesting picture — the former first daughter and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. That's right. They hooked up at a local New York nightspot recently and chatted for a while. Hey, between Secret Service for her and entourage for him, they both have a posse.