Friday, June 4: Who’s Next?

Closing In? Iraqi police have nabbed a top aide to Al Qaeda terrorist Al-Zarqawi. How close are we to capturing one of Usama bin Laden’s top lieutenants?

Who’s Next? The sudden resignation by CIA Director George Tenet rocked Washington. Who is on the short list to fill Tenet’s job permanently? We’ll ask Robert McNamara, former general counsel to the CIA, and Peter Brookes, former CIA intelligence officer and a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

The Economy: The numbers are in and it's adding up to great news on the job front as U.S. businesses add nearly a quarter of a million new jobs this past month. Is the U.S. economy back on track? We’ll ask Neil Cavuto, vice president and managing editor of Fox Business News and host of “Your World with Cavuto.”

Church and State: A furious battle is raging over the separation of church and state in Virginia. Should ministers be allowed to hold baptisms in a public river park? Katie Mahoney, director of communications for the Christian Defense Coalition, makes her case.

Ten Years Later: Next Saturday marks the ten-year anniversary of the brutal murders of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman. Why does America remain divided over whether O.J. committed the crime? We’ll ask Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Plus, we’ll celebrate Surviving Cancer Day with Marilyn Innerfeld, author of “Healing Through Love.”

And, the long-awaited season finale of “The Sopranos” hits Sunday night. Who’ll get whacked? We’ll ask Johnny Sack himself!

Those stories and brand new installments of Only on Fox and Stupid Criminals on today's edition of "Dayside with Linda Vester"

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