Friday, July 11: Preparing for the Worst

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Both President Bush and his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, defended the inclusion of suspect material in January's State of the Union (search) address, saying that the entire speech had been cleared by the CIA.

Was President Bush the victim of bad intelligence, or does the buck stop with the president? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation and FOX News political analyst, and Cliff May, president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and former RNC spokesman.

Police are searching for a .22-caliber firearm and a "stabbing weapon" as they investigate a school administrator suspected in the slayings of his estranged wife, three young children and mother-in-law, according to an officer's affidavit made public Thursday. But is Vincent Brothers (search) the only suspect in the case? We’ll ask Wilson Lafaurie, former prosecutor; Jeralyn Merritt, defense attorney, and Michael Baden, forensic pathologist.

Plus, a police crime lab is examining evidence in the sexual assault case involving Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Both the alleged victim, a 19-year-old hotel worker, and Bryant were taken to separate hospitals to retrieve evidence samples. What can we learn from this? Larry Koblinsky, forensics professor at John Jay College and a leading expert on sex crimes, weighs in.

And, when high profile marriages end in divorce, big money often changes hands. To guard against this, the prenuptial agreement was created. But results of a new poll suggest that prenuptial agreements are on the rise. Are prenups for average people and not just celebs? We'll ask Courtney Knowles of the Equality in Marriage Institute; Guy Blews, author of Marriage, and How to Avoid It, and Jordana Barish, a matrimonial attorney.

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