Friday Finals: Why Rosie's a Winner This Week

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At the end of the week it's "The Big Story" Friday Finals, our best guess as to the winners and losers this week, and why. First the losers.

The biggest loser has to be the judge down in D.C. who sued the dry cleaners for $65 million over a lost pair of pants. After all, who wants to be chased by FOX News Radio's Griff Jenkins?

George Tenet was a loser. He put up a spirited defense, but the reviews were not kind. Whatever the truth is, he doesn't look good.

The D.C. madam is a loser. Period. I don't think anybody believes the story that escorts are paid to go to dinner.

CBS is a big loser because Imus is going to get that $40 million the network bigwigs hired him to do what they fired him for. Bad form.

I think Jim McGreevey is a big loser. He's going to a seminary; his wife is out saying she didn't know he was gay; he says she did too know. Please, spare us.

Now to the big winners, the people who came out on top this week.

The Queen. A Brit comes to America, smiles and waves and doesn't bash George W. Bush? She's a winner.

Tony Snow. Back to work at the White House, and reporters were nice to him for a few minutes. As Tony always says, take nice where you can get it.

Rosie O'Donnell is a winner. She will be hauling money to the bank in wheelbarrows with her new TV show. If you could buy stock in her, you'd buy, buy, buy.

Larry Birkhead is the big winner. He's got his baby; he's back in the U.S.; people will pay for pictures. Life is good.

Obama is a big winner. He got Secret Service protection and the precious endorsement of Oprah. The guy is totally covered.

And those are the big winners and losers in today's Friday Finals.

That's My Word.

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