Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, the list of our big winners and losers of the week as chosen by me, Heather and "The Big Story" staff. The big losers are first.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Bill, Bill, Bill. The change train ran over the Clintons when they were hoping it was aimed mainly at Bush. Iowa voters said enough of the Clintons. We shall see if New Hampshire feels the same.

Mark Geragos is a loser, despite the fact the will likely get a big check for his clients who were mauled by that tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. He may win money, but he's got loser clients who undoubtedly taunted the tiger and paid the price.

Benazir Bhutto's son is a loser. He's been named the head of his assassinated mother's political party. This guy is 19 years old and a college student. Hey, kid, go to school. Forget politics. Really.

The Arizona beauty queen Kumari Fulbright is a loser. Beauty queens are not supposed to get so crazed about the ex-boyfriend that they handcuff and kidnap him. Hon, there are so many guys out there.

Now it's our big winners.

First up is Barack Obama. Hey, it was a huge win. Did he prove Americans are not racist? Maybe. But more likely he proved that voters have had enough of the Clinton-Bush dynastic fights we've witnessed for two decades.

Huckabee is a big winner. He obviously spoiled Mitt Romney's plans, and he is trying to change what people think of evangelicals. Got some work to do there, but hey, he won.

Jay Leno is also a winner. He's back on the air, but he may end up having a problem with the writers' union, so his winner status is provisional. We'll see how it works eventually. But it's good to see Jay and the other late-night guys back again.

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a winner. There will now be a few more weeks talking about Bloomie running as an independent. What good is it to be a billionaire if you can't even flirt with the idea of buying the White House?

And that's this week's list of big winners and big losers.

That's My Word.

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