Friday, August 1: Target Saddam

Another purported Saddam Hussein (search) audiotape was broadcast Friday, with the speaker urging Iraqis to fight back against American and British troops and to feel free in looting state property to do so.

How close are we to catching Saddam? And what should happen to the former dictator once he is caught? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, FNC military analyst; Evan Kohlmann of the Investigative Project, and Anas Shallal of Iraqi Americans for Peaceful Alternatives.

Donna Lynette Walker (search), accused of posing as the long-lost daughter of an Indiana couple, said she was only trying to assist in the search for the missing woman who vanished in 1986. Will authorities buy her excuse? We’ll ask Walker’s attorney William Rork; Lis Wiel, former federal prosecutor, and Michael Bachner, criminal defense attorney.

In part II of our series on America's changing views on abortion we’ll examine whether people who attack pregnant women be charged with murder if the baby dies.

If a convicted murderer does their time in prison, should he or she be allowed to teach at public universities? We’ll get insight from Dan Perez, civil rights attorney; Monica Crowley, syndicated talk host, and Sheldon Steinbach, general counsel for the American Council on Education.

Plus, we’ll get personal insight on life after the big house from Michael B. Jackson, ex-convict. motivational speaker and author of How to Do Good After Prison.

And, will the first film by Hollywood’s hottest couple bomb as expected? We’ll brace for the opening of Gigli with FOX News’ Bill McCuddy.

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