Fred Thompson Accuses FOX News of Being Biased Against Him

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Fred Thompson told Chris Wallace on "FOX News Sunday" that FOX is against him.

I like Fred. I'm inside FOX News, and I don't think FOX News is against Fred. But speaking for myself, I must inform the senator that a lot of us who have liked him have been a bit disappointed in his performance so far.

Just for instance, this program has tried to book him so many times we've lost count. He's not available. And like I said, I like Fred.

The campaign may get mad at me for saying this, but here's a guy who's been running second to Republican leader Rudy in the national polling averages, and yet he doesn't seem to have broken a sweat yet.

I don't know exactly what more he could do. I am not a campaign manager, but I just get the feeling Fred is coasting on a wave of popularity he doesn't quite know what to do with.

As has been noted in the mainstream media, Ron Paul is also riding a crest of popularity, but turns out his crowd is full of 9/11 truthers, and conspiratorialists of various and unseemly types.

Fred, however, has solid conservative support, and they are not the nut jobs of the far extremes of the party — not the types who live out where the buses don't run. And yet Fred doesn't seem to have the closer's instinct. He can't close the deal. At least he hasn't yet.

I will be thrilled if Fred does better than I think he might. I'd view that as good news, speaking for myself. Fred may not suit the conservative tastes of others around here, and they are entitled to their position, too. But I am certain there is not an institutional bias against him.

By the way, perceived slights are not institutional bias, annoying as they may be. I would simply encourage Fred to come on FOX more often. This show is always ready to give him time, and he should take us up on the offer.

That's My Word.

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