France, Who?

Now it's time for 'My Word'...

The French hostages held by Iraqi insurgents for the last four months have been released.

The French are bragging that their opposition to the Americans and their war was a big reason their hostages were not killed.

One of the hostages said he told the hostage-takers right away,"We're not Americans. We're French. We opposed this war."

He got to keep his head, but he was still held prisoner for four months.

The French say they did not pay a ransom. As we say down in Texas... B.S.

You may have heard President Bush is going to have French President Jacques Chirac (search) to the White House.

Bush won't insult Chirac, but I bet Chirac gives him the Gaullic air of superiority. Chirac can't help himself.

Colin Powell (search) slapped around Wednesday a French reporter who was trying to pin him — get him to admit the Americans are still mad at the French over the Iraq war.

You might be pleased to hear what Powell said...

Referring to French opposition to the war — a campaign against the U.S. around the world — he said:

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell: Iraq was a big, big problem. And that still has not yet healed.

Reporter Regis Le Sommier of Paris Match: A big, big problem?

Powell: Yeah.

Le Sommier: Still today?

Powell: It was last year, a big, big problem. I mean, the French did everything to prevent us from moving forward and there was a major disagreement. There's no secret here. Also with Germany and a few others...

In other words... we haven't forgotten. We are the aggrieved party, not France, and we're still not over your backstabbing.

And that's My Word.

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