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The Material Girl, Nicole Kidman and Katie Couric in the drive-by glare on the "Foxlight."

Want proof that Madonna will do anything her director/husband Guy Ritchie tells her? Take a look at the short movie they made together. It's called Star and it features a bratty, blond diva in the backseat of a BMW. Not what we're used to thinking of Madonna doing in a backseat. The film has her being tossed around pretty good thanks to amazing stunt driving and a very funny script. It's one of BMW's shorts running at And doesn't debut for a few weeks. The things a material girl will do for love.

Speaking of love, the man accused of stalking Nicole Kidman says he just wrote her love poems and called her at home to ask her to the ballet and out for ice cream. Hey, there's a new Ben and Jerry's flavor Stalk-lot-Chip. Matthew Hooker also told reporters plenty of women would love to go out with him and Nicole is making a big mistake. Hey Matthew, you can't write poems, you have to sing silly love songs. Worked for Ewan.

"I'm Mike Wallace, I'm Morley Safer and I'm Katie Couric?" If Katie decides to leave the Today show when her contract runs out next year, 60 Minutes would love to have her. But producer Don Hewitt admits it's a longshot. And would it work really? I mean when Mike Wallace shows up at your door, you know you're going to jail, but Katie? It's not Pixie Minutes. She's just not mean enough.