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Question 1: On Monday, Boston hosted its 110th annual marathon. Which country swept the top spots in both the men's and the women's races?

A. Mexico
B. Korea
C. Ethiopia
D. Kenya

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Question 2: On Thursday, President Bush had an historic meeting with another world leader at the White House. Who was it?

A. Kim Jong Il of Korea
B. Hu Jintao of China
C. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran
D. Manmohan Singh of India

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Question 3: This week, oil prices hit a record high. If you wanted to buy a barrel of crude oil, how much would it set you back?

A. $53
B. $64
C. $75
D. $85

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Question 4: In the past week, there has been a major outbreak of a disease in the Midwest, marking the first epidemic of this illness in more than two decades. What disease is it?

A. Mumps
B. Polio
C. Measles
D. Ringworm

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Question 5: On Tuesday, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced the much-anticipated birth of their first child. What is the baby girl's name?

A. Suri, meaning “princess” in Hebrew
B. Abella, meaning “child” in Assyrian
C. Sabola, meaning “prophetess” in Egyptian
D. Wafa, meaning “faithful” in Arabic

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Question 6: On Wednesday, one White House staff member announced his resignation and another staff member was reassigned. Who will be stepping down

A. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
B. Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary
C. John Snow, Secretary of the Treasury
D. Joshua Bolten, White House Chief of Staff

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Question 7: On Wednesday, experts confirmed Saddam Hussein's signature on several important and incriminating documents from the 1980s. What were they?

A. Contracts offering oil for weapons-production materials.
B. Orders approving death sentences for more than 100 Shiites.
C. Memos regarding the creation of terrorist-training camps in Iraq.
D. Papers detailing plans to acquire enriched uranium from Africa.

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Question 8: On Monday, there was an important development in the case involving allegations of rape against members of the Duke lacrosse team. What was the development?

A. A grand jury indicted two team members on charges of rape, assault and kidnapping.
B. Durham D.A. Mike Nifong requested additional DNA samples from three of the players
C. Three members of the team turned in written confessions to the police
D. The exotic dancer identified the three players who allegedly raped her in a lineup.

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Question 9: On Tuesday, San Francisco marked an important anniversary in the city's history. What did they commemorate?

A. The 125th anniversary of the city's trademark streetcars.
B. The 100th anniversary of the city's most destructive earthquake
C. The 75th anniversary of the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge
D. The 50th anniversary of the supermarket debut of Rice-A-Roni

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Question 10: On Tuesday, Chinese officials announced that they would create artificial rain over the capital city of Beijing. Why?

A. To clear the air of dust, grit and pollution.
B. To relieve the city's residents of a water shortage.
C. To wash out animal waste and rubbish from the city's streets and gutters.
D. To celebrate the annual festival of the rain god, Xuantian Shangdi.

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Bonus Question: On Wednesday's edition of "Hannity & Colmes," Shirley Phelps Roper, defended the Westboro Baptist Church's right to protest at soldier's funerals. Why are they protesting?

A. They believe America should pull out its troops from Iraq immediately.
B. They believe the United States should not have a military at all.
C. They believe God kills soldiers as a punishment for America's acceptance of homosexuality.
D. They believe God supports the war in Iraq and want to remind people of the noble sacrifice the soldiers made.

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