Fox in Focus:Eye in the Sky

Sun., September 2 at 4 p.m. ET
Mon., September 3 at 12 p.m. ET

High speed pursuits, shoot-outs, hostage stand-offs, fires and floods...If you're watching news happen live on your television...chances are that a helicopter is probably overhead.

This weekend, Fox News Anchor Rick Folbaum introduces you to some of the most dramatic footage ever shot from a news chopper and the pilots and reporters who put their lives on the line to bring it to you everyday.

Once you see Eye in the Sky you'll never look at a car chase or other breaking news story the same way.

No aspect of helicopter news reporting is more familiar to viewers than the high speed pursuit. You'll meet Rod Bersnen, a former cop, now on air patrol for television station KTLA. We'll find out what it's like to get the story from the air in Los Angeles...the car chase capital of the world!

And you'll also hear the chilling story of a bank robbery turned shoot out that left reporters in  choppers trying to cover the story while facing with a deadly threat from the ground.

Plus...a survivor's story. What's it like to live through a helicopter crash? While pilots vouch for the safety of their choppers, they can be hard to fly over heavily populated areas and it can get treacherous in a hurry. You won't want to miss the story of one person who was lucky to escape with his life after things went wrong in the sky.

We hope you join us for Eye in the Sky.