Fox Feedback: What are your thoughts on the psycho sniper?

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Question for October 14: What are your thoughts on the psycho sniper?

The Washington-area sniper again took the weekend off, adding a tiny trait to the personality profile of an assassin who has killed eight people in 12 days.

"He's a weekday warrior. Even snipers have jobs," said criminologist James Alan Fox of Northeastern University in Boston. "They have to make time to kill, and obviously he doesn't have time on the weekends."

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Here are some of your comments:

Could the sniper be pulling the van into the box truck in order to hide it? Just a thought.

C. Madura

Since so many people have to move about the city, why not suggest that they carry cameras; video or otherwise. Most people have them and if God forbid, they witness a shooting, they could get any info on film. Many people do that as we know, and I think that is what I would do if I lived in the middle of all the killing.

Debra P.

I have been watching the coverage of the sniper for the past few days. It appears that nobody has actually seen the sniper while shooting, but they see a Chevy Astro van leave the scene and elude task force barricades. Maybe the van is a decoy (another person). Could the sniper be taking his shot and then the van speeds away, while the sniper is actually using another vehicle to leave the scene quietly and unnoticed? This could explain how he keeps eluding the authorities. I would imagine they have pulled over or even spotted the van with the rapid shutdowns of the highways, but no person in the vehicle with a rifle or firearm. I would hope they are recording the license plates of the vehicles they are observing as a cross-reference.

Mike (Starkville, MS)

This person or persons work for some trucking company in the DC area and during his deliveries, he picks his prey at random. This explains why he hasn’t struck during the weekend and only in certain areas. Some are saying he has a weekend job preventing him from doing this. I believe its because he (they) are doing it during work hours and has weekends off. During the weekend he has to be with family and friends to keep from being detected. He may have some shooting skills (hunting experience) but he is no military trained sniper, he is just an amateur. He (they) may not live in the area as believed. If the trucking company doesn’t have a GPS tracking system on the van/truck it would be hard to know who is doing this. I suggest the trucking companies in the DC area secretly install a GPS system on their trucks so they can detect which trucks are in the area of the next shooting.

Ron C.

I have no idea of who the sniper is, but I'm afraid Al Qaeda is taking notes. If one sniper can throw our country into such turmoil, why not send in several hundred? I believe the news media should take a step back, and think about all of the publicity they are giving to the sick person doing the shootings. He loves the notoriety, and is encouraged to do more because of all the extensive news coverage. He revels in it, and believe me Al Qaeda is watching this big time! You always have to worry about a copycat, and I'm afraid we may be breeding a very big one because of all the extensive news coverage.

Curt P. (Novato, CA)

Yes I think the sniper has been in a military or some Cain of training camp. He is taking shoots on a moving target on public places. This means he got time to concentrate on the target. This prove to me he is very well discipline He most work on the road, delivering, carpet cleaner etc. this is why no one miss him at work, the type of work he does may require him to work some weekends. Days off he may be spending time with family or another job that he knows coworkers my miss him. He may use different company vehicle to keep the heat off his trail. Generalize my comment: He is doing everything he can to prevent law enforcement to find him

Ed C.