Fox Feedback Video Beating Mom: Not too good?

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Question for September 23: Video Beating Mom: Not too good?

Here are some of your emails:

My personal feeling is the mother is in desperate need of anger management and parenting classes and counseling. Further, the video we have seen countless times shows the date of occurrence to be 9-13 and she failed to turn herself in until 9-21, which is 8 days. I do believe the 8 days was to coach the child before the authorities got her and to allow physical healing. The change of hair color was an attempt to conceal her identity while on the run. The video is very clear in that she looked around knowing what she was about to do was wrong and cruel. The video shows the child being beaten, punched, and slapped and her pigtail being pulled. I saw an obedient little girl walking out in that parking lot with her mother. I do not believe she provoked her mother at all. This mother is violent and the child is at risk, and her extended family will cover for the mother. I believe she is a flight risk, and her other children will be coached to say what they want the judge to believe. We will fail this little Martha is she is returned to any member of this family before mandatory counseling for her parents takes place. Shame on us if that happens!

Tina C.

I believe Mrs. Toogood is a pro type con artist who got caught on tape abusing her child. Now the family is trying not to get uncovered. What you see is what you get, the tape doesn't lie. And yes she did wait 8 days to turn herself in, just long enough for the physical signs to go away.

J. Montrose

Before completely condemning Ms. Toogood - why not 1. Check out family members to see if the child can stay with them temporarily rather than in a foster home 2. Have a professional check the child out 3. See if anyone can convince this family to get out of the group they're in to provide a more normal lifestyle for the children. And if all conditions are met along with routine checkups by the Dept. of Human Services - hopefully the mother can be reunited with the little girl. Whatever happened to forgiveness AND a four-year-old can respond to questions. What does she want to do?

Dot P.

I'm appalled that the authorities feel they have any right to take a child from its mother. In my view, no circumstances no matter how horrible justify such an action, with one proviso. Only if it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt that the mother represents a clear and present danger to the child’s life.

N. Finlay