Fox Feedback: The president & the prince: Your advice?

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Question for August 27: The president & the prince: Your advice?

President Bush is taking another opportunity to stress to Saudi officials the necessity of getting rid of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

On Tuesday, Bush will welcome to his 1,600-acre ranch Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, dean of the Washington ambassadorial delegation in , D.C., long-time friend of the Bush family and conduit to his Saudi royal relatives, who oppose U.S. military action against Iraq.

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Does Saudi Abrabia have an army and air force? A defense force? I never heard of one. They need us like we need oil. Who are they to refuse us use of their land as we project? Reject us in our war on Terror and Iraq? Who do they expect to save them if Saddam attacks them and takes their precious Oil, Palaces, Gold and Princely Limousines? If they don’t sign on, tell them they are on their own.

Jack H. (Port St Lucie, Fl)

I would hope that the President would "inform" the Saudi's that it would be in their best interest to actually be a friend to the United States, rather than only saying that they are; regime change can be effected in Saudi Arabia just as well as in Iraq. Americans are beginning to "like" the Saudis even less than they like Al Qaeda; there appears to be precious little difference between them.

Sam B. (West Palm Beach, Fl)

I would aggressively pursue alternative energy options. Open the Anwar and tell the Saudi's to keep their oil.

Kathy B. (Pahrump, NV)

I strongly believe Saudi's Royal Family wants Saddam gone. If they help us though, they will move up next to Israel on Saddam's hit list. When it comes to Saddam, they don't want to make waves. They feel the No-fly zone keeps him in check. And it does, when it comes to a ground attack. There is no way Saddam can mount another ground attack like he did in 1990. That's what is important to Saudi Arabia! They don't want to get attacked! Look at the concessions they made for the Gulf War. You can't tell me they were happy having us over on their land! It was a necessary evil. They don't feel it is necessary now! If they were being threatened in any way by Saddam, they would back us! They know for sure if they back us now the scud missiles would start to rain again!

So if I was President Bush, I would understand their position and take whatever help (including help that we, as the public may never find out about) I could and plan around it. Sure it would be great if we could use our base in Saudi Arabia, but that is not realistic right now!

Jim C. (Sarasota, Fl)