While embedded with a combat medevac team, Steve Harrigan traced a soldiers' path off the battlefield and into recovery. FOX Fan Central asked him about his experiences on the front lines. Don't miss "In the Field w/ Steve Harrigan" this Sunday at 6 pm ET.

What is the chief motivation for how you approach your job?

Harrigan: I want to do stories that stop people.

Which portions of the process are the most satisfying?

Harrigan: I like when you put the tapes into a machine and look at the pictures and try to figure out what to write. But there is nothing like a dramatic event live.

Why did you shoot the Combat Medics video yourself?

Harrigan: I wanted to see if I could do it. Plus, it was open-ended, so it was a lot to ask of a cameraman.

Did it work?

Harrigan: I think the small camera doesn't scare people, and with just one person you can slip in and get people talking.

Did you have any apprehension about being around people with catastrophic injuries or witnessing the medics race against death?

Harrigan: You get used to things pretty quickly. If you are around guys with one leg for a few days you don't see it like you did the first time. But the first moment is tough for a lot of people, especially burn victims. When I first began interviewing serious burn victims I had to calm myself down a little bit. For them it takes so much courage to deal with the scrutiny. When they talked on camera I was struck by their bravery. Burn victims. That's the worst injury there is.

What is your hope for the audience of this special series?

Harrigan: I hope people watch it, and they see people whose stories don't get told so often. I think that's important, to be aware of the sacrifice. Maybe too we could slow down a little when we look at people.