FOX FACTS: Previous Attacks on U.S. Embassies

The following is a list of previous attacks on U.S. Embassies around the world.

March 2008: Five suspects arrested after a mortar attack that U.S. officials said was aimed at the Embassy in Sana. Instead, it hit a high school for girls next door, killing a Yemeni guard and wounding 18 people, including 13 students.

Feb. 21, 2008: Demonstrators in Serbia attack the U.S. Embassy and set part of it ablaze as thousands of Serbs take to the streets of Belgrade to protest Kosovo's declaration of independence.

Jan. 12, 2007: Anti-tank grenade fired at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece.

December 2006: Gunman opens fire outside the U.S. Embassy but is shot and arrested by Yemeni guards before he can breach the compound's security line.

Sept. 12, 2006: Attackers try to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria, but are thwarted by guards who engage them in a gun battle.

2006: A homicide bomber kills a U.S. diplomat and two others in an attack near the US consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.

June 2002: Homicide bomber kills 12 outside the U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.

Aug. 7, 1998: Terrorists driving in a truck detonated a large bomb in the rear parking area of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, killing 213 people, of whom 44 were American Embassy employees — 12 Americans and 32 Foreign Service National employees. Ten other Americans and eleven FSNs were seriously injured.

Aug. 7, 1998: A truck laden with explosives drives up to one of the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, where a homicide bomber detonates the bomb, killing 11 people. Eighty-five others are injured.

Feb. 15, 1996: Unidentified assailants fire a rocket at the U.S. Embassy compound in Athens, causing minor damage to three diplomatic vehicles and some surrounding buildings.

Sept. 13, 1995: A rocket-propelled grenade is fired through the window of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, ostensibly in retaliation for U.S. strikes on Serb positions in Bosnia.

Feb. 13, 1991: Three Red Army Faction members fire automatic rifles from across the Rhine River at the U.S. Embassy Chancery in Bonn, Germany. No one is hurt.

Jan. 15, 1990: The Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement bombs the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru.

1984: Truck bomb explodes outside the U.S. Embassy annex in Aukar, Lebanon, killing 24 people, two of whom were U.S. military personnel.

1983: The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait is bombed in a series of attacks that included the French embassy, an airport tower, the main oil refinery and a residential area for employees of Raytheon as targets. Six people were killed, including a homicide truck bomber, and more than 80 others were injured.

April 18, 1983: A massive car-bomb explosion demolishes much of the U.S. Embassy building in Beirut, Lebanon, leaving dozens dead and more than 100 wounded. The bomb collapsed the entire central facade of the horseshoe-shaped building, leaving the wreckage of balconies and offices in heaped tiers of rubble, and spewing masonry, metal and glass fragments in a wide swath. The explosion was heard throughout west Beirut and broke windows as far as a mile away.

December 1979: A mob in Tripoli, Libya, sets fire to the U.S. Embassy in support of the Iranians who took over the American Embassy in Teheran, taking staff members hostage.

November 1979: Iranians storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking 66 Americans hostage. Thirteen were soon released, but the other 53 were held hostage as Iran demanded a U.S. apology for acts committed in support of the shah, his return to face trial and the return of billions of dollars that he was said to have hoarded abroad.

November 1979: False rumors that the United States had participated in the seizure of the Grand Mosque in Mecca provoked a mob attack on the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. The government's delayed response enabled the mob to burn the embassy. Four people died, two of them U.S. nationals. The American Cultural Center in Lahore also was destroyed by fire.