A suicide bomber struck outside the compound of a southern Afghan governor on Tuesday, killing 18 people, including several Muslim pilgrims seeking paperwork to travel to Mecca, officials said.

Here is a list of major suicide attacks in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban in late 2001:

• Sept. 26, 2006: A suicide bomber on foot kills 18 and wounds 17 in attack outside compound of Helmand provincial governor in town of Lashkar Gah

• Sept. 18, 2006: Bomber riding a bicycle targets Canadian troops, killing 4 people and wounding many others in Kandahar providence

• Sept. 11, 2006: Suicide bomber kills five attending the funeral of a slain governor, who was killed a day earlier in a suicide attack

• Sept. 8, 2006: Car bomber rams U.S. convoy in Kabul, killing 16, including two American soldiers

• Sept. 4, 2006: Suicide car bombing kills one British soldier, four Afghans in Kabul

• Aug. 28, 2006: 21 civilians killed by suicide bomber targeting an ex-police chief in Lashkar Gah

• Aug. 3, 2006: 21 civilians killed in a suicide car bombing near Canadian military vehicles in town market in Kandahar province

• Jan. 16, 2006: A man with explosives strapped to his body drives a motorbike into a crowd watching a wrestling match in Kandahar province and kills 21 people

• Jan. 15, 2006: A car bomber slams into a Canadian military convoy in Kandahar city, killing two passers-by and a senior Canadian diplomat

• Jan. 5, 2006: A militant blows himself up in a town in central Uruzgan province during a supposedly secret visit by the U.S. ambassador, killing 10 Afghans

• Nov. 14, 2005: Twin suicide car bombings target NATO peacekeepers in Kabul, killing a German soldier and eight Afghans

• Oct. 10, 2005: Two suicide attackers explode bombs in the southern city of Kandahar, killing three people.

• Sept. 28, 2005: A suicide bomber on a motorbike kills nine Afghan soldiers outside an army training center in Kabul

• June 1, 2005: Suspected Al Qaeda fighter detonates explosives strapped to his body in a mosque in Kandahar city, killing 20 worshippers

• May 8, 2005: A militant kills a U.N. worker from Myanmar and an Afghan in an attack on an Internet cafe in Kabul

• Dec. 29, 2003: Five Afghan security officers are killed when a man they arrested blows himself up in Kabul

• June 7, 2003: A taxi packed with explosives blows up near a bus carrying German peacekeepers driving to Kabul airport to fly home, killing four soldiers and an Afghan

(Source: Associated Press)