Former 'Simple Life' Director on Paris Hilton

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," June 8, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: Paris Hilton did a lot of things on her TV show "The Simple Life" that she wouldn't want to do in real life, but her real life has turned into a real nightmare and I'm sure she'd give anything to live "The Simple Life" again.

Jeff Fisher, a producer and director of the first three seasons of "The Simple Life" — he also wrote and directed the upcoming film "Dead of Night" — he is with me now live from L.A.

So Jeff, what was she like in that show? Did you see this sense of entitlement a lot of people think they see in her behavior now?

JEFF FISHER, FORMER "SIMPLE LIFE" DIRECTOR: Just to make sure, I was actually one of the directors on season three and then I went on to be a supervising story producer that season.

But to answer your question, I always thought Paris and Nicole both struck me as people with very nice manners. I always saw her look people in the eye and treat people very respectfully and I found her to be a genuinely sweet person. So I'm sorry to hear about all these problems.

GIBSON: Well, what do you make of what you're hearing? I mean, here she is in jail. Jail's not fun and I'm not suggesting that it's all that comfortable. But when she is in isolation, she doesn't have other people bothering her, apparently it was a sob-a-thon and a whine-a-thon and bothering the guards, get down here, I'm cold, I need a pillow, I don't have enough blankets and I'm cold and I can't breathe. What about all that?

FISHER: I can't speak to that having not been there. I can tell you when the girls were meeting these new families, they were very polite to them and in my personal experience, they weren't demanding like that.

I think that just because the camera rolls on somebody, you think that, you know, that they don't have these feelings to back it up sometimes, and I always found her to be a well-behaved person and a well-behaved young lady in my experience.

GIBSON: So your opinion is now from what you know of her and what you're seeing, you think she's being treated unfairly?

FISHER: You know, do I think she's being treated unfairly? I really don't know. What I do know is I hope she comes through this experience as well as possible. I found her to be strong and smart, and I think she's got the chops to survive this and come out OK.

GIBSON: So when I ask the question is she as clueless as she seems, your answer is no?

FISHER: I never found her to be clueless. I found her to be a bright girl. And the film you mentioned, "Dead of Night," it's got a lead character that's kind of loosely based on the Paris-Nicole-Lindsay Lohan, the people that we read and watch about on television, and this character is very winning in the face of adversity and that's what I hope Paris would be.

GIBSON: Jeff Fisher, new film "Dead of Night." Jeff, thanks very much. Appreciate you coming on.

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