Former President Clinton Takes Jab at Frist

Former President Clinton weighed in on the nation's immigration debate Monday and took a lighthearted jab at Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist while addressing Princeton University seniors.

Clinton was the headliner at Class Day, held ahead of Tuesday's commencement at the Ivy League School.

The former president said the world is increasingly interconnected, with greater opportunity for more people with worldwide trade, widespread travel and increased diversity.

"Think about how much more interesting you are than the Princeton Class of 1906," he said. "A bunch of boring white guys like me."

Clinton praised President Bush for trying to find common ground with a proposed immigration policy that would tighten border enforcement while allowing some undocumented residents to become citizens.

"I sort of favor what the president tried to do because we were trying to get the best of both worlds," he said. "There is no perfect solution."

Clinton was introduced by Lauren Bush, a niece of the current president and a member of the committee that invited the 42nd president to speak.

"Clinton's name immediately came up," she said. "But then, we thought Hillary would probably be too busy."

Clinton responded with a reference to Frist, whose son Harrison also is in Princeton's graduating class.

"I thought Hillary was too busy to be here, too," Clinton said. "She told me she had to go to the Senate. And then I see Sen. Frist here, putting parenthood ahead of the public trust."