Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss on New Laundromat, Stud Farm

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," July 5, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: The "Big Talker" is Heidi Fleiss. The former Hollywood madam has dirty laundry and she has the machines to do the wash. Right now she is the proud owner of a Laundromat. That's right, Heidi's wash and dry is called Dirty Laundry. It opens up for business this weekend about an hour outside of Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada.

Dirty Laundry isn't x-rated, but another business Fleiss plans to open up is. She's hoping to open Heidi's Stud Farm about 20 miles from the Laundromat. And when we say stud, we do not mean horses. The woman jailed for running a high-end prostitution ring in Los Angeles wants to open up a legal brothel, this time for women only. She's here now to tell us all about it herself.

Heidi Fleiss, welcome.


GIBSON: So you have a — let's start with the Laundromat. We're apparently live inside the Laundromat. Why did you decide that a Laundromat was a good business for you?

FLEISS: Well the demographics of this community fit all the statistics of a successful Laundromat, so why not try something I have never done before? And let me tell you, it's a small Laundromat but it's the best-looking Laundromat.

GIBSON: Is it? Well what have you discovered about your business acumen, about the difficulty of small business in this world and so forth, opening up a store where you have got to buy machines and people put coins in and they've got to buy soap and all that stuff?

FLEISS: Hey, any business is difficult. But it's all how you approach it and how you approach problems and — look, if you want to get something done, you'll get it done.

GIBSON: What about this other venture for women only to be located a little ways away? How's that going?

FLEISS: I will get it done. The stud farm will happen. There's definitely a demand for it. I have had over maybe 300 women ready to buy memberships and plenty of men have applied, and let me tell you ladies out there, they won't let you down. And I wish I was open right now.

GIBSON: Well, if I've got this straight, we're talking about male prostitutes for women customers only?

FLEISS: Yeah, we're just switching it up and, look, times have changed, demands have changed, women have changed. They're more independent; they make more money. But let me tell you also: Without Viagra, we couldn't do it.

GIBSON: OK. Can you tell us anything about this business? You know, have you built the building yet, have you set the rate card? Any other details?

FLEISS: Let me tell you, it's uncharted waters for me because I'm used to the other way around, and I saw what's in Nevada and there's some nice brothels, the best by far is the Bunny Ranch in Reno, but I can run circles around them. I plan to submit my application for my brothel license in probably another 60 days.

GIBSON: Heidi Fleiss in her brand-new Laundromat. About to open her brand-new brothel featuring men for women only. Heidi, we'll keep an eye on what you're doing. Thanks for being on today.

FLEISS: Thank you.

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