Forget Them All and Forget Them Today

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The U.S. sits and waits to hear what the "swinging six" will say. We already know, so we've decided to move on.

The "swinging" or "slippery six" — Chile, Guinea, Mexico, Pakistan, Angola and Cameroon — are all members of the Security Council. President Bush has been courting them to get a war vote.

As you have probably heard by now, the White House has pretty much written the U.N. off — even Colin Powell has. For those of you who might be wringing your hands over the fact that we don't have war permission from Cameroon... let me show you this:

From the health ministry of Cameroon, a warning to stop drinking your own urine.

"Given the risks of toxicity associated... with ingesting urine, the health ministry advises against the consumption of urine and invites those who promote the practice to cease doing so forthwith or risk prosecution.
Urbain Olanguena Awono
Cameroon Health Minister

The last part of that was a warning to the newspapers of Cameroon, which have been promoting urine drinking as a health aid.

Now I ask you: Are we depending on urine drinkers for permission to act in our own national security as we see fit?

Are we depending on the editorial writers of newspapers that promote urine drinking as a health aid to sway the population of urine drinkers to see things our way?

And we are worried for even one single moment what the vote of this country is going to be?

These urine drinkers are the ones who sit in judgment of an action the president of the United States wants to take to protect his country.

This is beyond absurd.

The president should walk out of the U.N. and never walk back in. It's a nest of America haters, some of whom are barely up to the standards of the National Geographic.

Forget them all and forget them today.

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