Forensic Scientists to Meet, Discuss Madeleine McCann DNA Evidence

Forensic scientists from Britain and Portugal will meet "in the near future" to discuss DNA evidence in the case of missing Madeleine McCann, a spokesman for her family said Wednesday.

Clarence Mitchell said members of Britain's Forensic Science Service would meet their Portuguese counterparts in Britain.

He said Leicestershire Police told him the meeting would take place "in the near future."

"Such a meeting should not be seen as surprising. We do not see it as a significant development," Mitchell said.

He said he did not expect Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, or anyone else to be interviewed in connection with the visit.

The Forensic Science Service has examined DNA samples from the McCanns' Portuguese holiday apartment and from a car rented by the family after Madeleine was reported missing May 3, a few days before her 4th birthday.

Despite an impassioned global campaign by her parents, Madeleine has not been found and no one has been charged over her disappearance.

The McCanns and a British man, Robert Murat, have been named formal suspects by Portuguese police.