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Dear Viewers,

We are still working on getting the video streaming "right" on GretaWire. Last week we had some rough starts — but they got much better by week's end in my view. I could not help but laugh at one viewer's e-mail (and he was right!) Here it is:

E-mail No. 1


I just watched the 2nd GretaMail segment, and don't they tell you which camera to look into? Also, is there a logistical reason why there's only one camera angle? I mean, it works just fine, but having the host (you) talking to something off-screen, and with "talking hands" giving his opinion, it looked... weird.

I know this is still very much a new segment, and with anything new, there are kinks to work out, but I thought it kind of odd that they A)didn't have you looking at the camera, and B)decided to only show Bernie's hands.

Regardless of zany camera quirks, I really do enjoy watching GretaMail, and since I usually work through much of FNC's primetime, this at least helps me stay on top of what happen's on your show. I can read the GretaWire, watch GretaMail, and then see if there's any streaming video or any segment's replayed on Sunday Best (when it's on).

If I miss it - and unfortunately, I do quite frequently - I don't have to be totally clueless

Charles M. J.

Bernie has been a "good sport" staying late to answer the e-mails with me on camera for the Website video streaming but I don't know how much longer I should prevail upon his good nature. Tonight I am going to try and "draft" Ted.

Ted is back from a long vacation and should be well rested — rested well enough to stay late. And, of course, I took off Friday night and slept all weekend so I am rested as well. If I alternate between Ted and Bernie, I think I can keep them happy and not worn out.

I often get e-mails from viewers asking how we decide what to do on our show. In some ways it is easy — we simply "follow the news." It becomes more difficult when there is lots of news — like today.

The 511-page report came out on Friday about Iraq (search) and the war which understandably raises many issues for discussion. Today the parties go back to court in the Scott Peterson (search) case. We know that some viewers want to hear discussion about the report and some want to hear the latest in the trial.

So ... we do our best to juggle and to do something for everyone plus taking into account that something could happen today that we must "squeeze" into the show lineup or which could be so important as to bump both topics and cause us to go "wall-to-wall" on that topic.

The producers also peek at the way the shows before us are stacked and their topics so that we can figure out how best to stack ours and what topics to do. For instance, if we learn that Hannity and Colmes (search) will spend an hour on the Commission's report, we might not do as much as we had earlier planned.

In the midst of planning for tonight's show, we are also looking ahead. We will take the show "on the road" to the two political conventions. The Democratic Convention (search) is just two weeks from now and we are expecting to "hit the road" for Amber Frey's testimony in the Scott Peterson case.

We still don't know when Amber will testify and Gloria Allred is not giving us any hints. I don't know if she knows but we ask her on the air and off the air so that we can attempt some planning. I do know from my sources in California that the prosecution will give the judge a week's notice since the judge wants to make crowd control arrangements (the crowd is us — the media.)

What happens if Amber takes the stand during the Democratic Convention? Good question! Right now the plan is to stay in Boston and cover the convention. I can cover the Peterson trial remotely and, if I can do it from DC, I can do it from Boston!

Finally, if any of you want any free show bumper stickers, we still have some left over. Send me your name and address in an e-mail. Put "bumper sticker" in the subject line so that I don't miss your e-mail. As you might imagine, I get tons of spam and actually sort through the e-mails myself and fear that some get missed.


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