Florida Suspect Being Held Without Bond in Thanksgiving Day Killings

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A Florida man accused of killing four relatives at a Thanksgiving holiday dinner is being ordered held without bond on four charges of murder.

Paul Merhige was booked early Sunday at the Palm Beach County jail, hours after he was captured at a motel in the Florida Keys.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Merhige was silent at his first court appearance. He was appointed a public defender, and an arraignment is set for Feb. 1.

The 35-year-old Merhige eluded authorities for about a month by checking into a Long Key motel under a fake name and address, and hiding his car with a cover. He is accused of gunning down his twin sisters, a 79-year-old aunt and a 6-year-old cousin at a family gathering of more than a dozen relatives in Jupiter.

Melinda Pfaff, owner of The Edgewater Lodge in Long Key, Fla., where Merhige was found, told Fox News that she and her husband were watching "America's Most Wanted" on Saturday when they saw his photo.

Pfaff and her husband, Paul, immediately called authorities to say they believed Merhige was a guest staying in their motel.

Pfaff said Merhige rarely came out of his room in the four weeks he stayed at the motel, and declined to have his room cleaned, saying he was "very clean" and would to it himself.

Pfaff, who said there were no red flags about Merhige's demeanor or appearance during his stay, described him as "pleasant and not nervous."

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Fox News' Serafin Gomez and The Associated Press contributed to this report.