Florida Supervisors Wipe Felons From Voting Rolls

With November's election fast approaching and the 2000 presidential recount still in people's minds,  Florida election supervisors (search) have again begun to scramble to make sure voters there still have a right to vote.

The battleground state is one of only seven that permanently bars convicted felons from voting. Now, that it has a new multi-million dollar database to match voter roles to Florida convictions, supervisors are barreling through a list of 47,000 voters to determine who is eligible to cast a ballot.

But some counties have found mistakes, prompting lawsuits and the demand for a voter-by-voter investigation.

"We will use every single resource available to us to make sure when we finally take someone off that list, that it is somebody who's supposed to be taken off the list," said Theresa Le Pore (search), Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections.

New safeguards require disenfranchised voters to be notified immediately, giving them time to appeal. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (search) is also offering aid, launching a Web site and a toll free supervisor helpline.

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