Florida Fire Chief in Hot Water Over Photos of Topless Accident Victim

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A suspended fire chief in Central Florida could be on the unemployment line after he e-mailed photos of a victim’s exposed breasts after she crashed into a tree, according to a report.

Umatilla Fire Chief Richard Shirk snapped photos of the victim as she was being treated by emergency workers and then e-mailed them to several surrounding fire departments, Florida’s Local6.com reported.

The 26-year-old accident victim later died.

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In a letter to Umatilla City Manager Glenn Irby, Shirk admitted taking the pictures, but said he didn’t mean any harm, Local6.com reported. He claimed he takes photos at every major fire and accident scene, calling them "invaluable investigative tools." He also said they were e-mailed for educational purposes.

City officials did not agree.

"In passing that information along to others that had nothing to do with the emergency rescue, that becomes to me a moral issue," Irby told Local6.com. "Distasteful, if you will."