Florida Bill Would Require Restrooms to Have Toilet Paper at All Times

Here's the bottom line — there should be enough toilet paper when you go into the restroom in an eating establishment.

That's what Senator Victor Crist thinks, and he's got a bill to make it happen.

The measure has several requirements for keeping restaurant men's and women's rooms clean and mandates that every stall have toilet paper at all times, although it doesn't spell out how much. The bill also requires that each stall have a door that actually closes.

Senator Crist, a Republican from Tampa, says restaurant inspectors "should also check the restrooms along with the kitchens to make sure that basic cleanliness necessities are in place."

The bill (SB 386) was approved yesterday by the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. It has two more Senate committee stops to go, and if it doesn't get wiped out by one of them, it could then go to the floor. A similar measure (HB 437) is awaiting a committee hearing in the House.