Five Taliban Arrested at Afghan Checkpoint

Five Taliban were arrested at a checkpoint in northern Kabul as they tried to sneak into the city, a police official said Sunday.

Two taxi drivers also were arrested Saturday, along with the five men, according to district deputy chief Said Mohammed Azim.

Azim said the five Taliban told police they had been hiding out in rugged Baghlan province, where they fled after fighting against Northern Alliance troops in northern Kunduz province.

It was not known whether the five, all Afghans, had any links to Usama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network, police said.

"They were all mixed together during the fighting, so we don't know," Azim said. The men were being questioned, he said.

On Friday, two Pakistanis suspected of Taliban links were arrested in Kabul and were being questioned by police.

"We asked the mullahs [religious leaders] to please refrain from giving refuge to Al Qaeda or Talibs," Azim said. "I'm optimistic our people will cooperate with their government."