Fitness Trainer Won't Stop Until He Weighs 340 Pounds

Fitness trainer Paul James wanted to understand his overweight clients better, so he decided to pack on a few pounds himself.

Well, not just a few pounds. The once svelte 32-year-old has ballooned from 212 pounds to 263 pounds and says he won’t stop until he weighs 340 pounds.

The Australian has cut down on his daily exercise regimens and has even started drinking beer at night.

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“It was difficult to relate to overweight gym members so I’m experiencing life as an overweight person,” James said.

In order to expand his waistline, James has been indulging on pasta, cream sauces, chocolate and carbohydrates.

James hopes to reach his target weight of 340 pounds by March and then eventually lose the weight by October to show his clients it can be done.