First Doctor Thought Princess Diana Would Survive

The first doctor to treat Princess Diana after she was badly injured in a car crash has insisted he thought she would survive.

Dr Frederic Mailliez told an inquest into Diana's death that she was "moaning, unconscious and weak."

He added that he did not realise who she was until the next day when he saw the television news.

Mailliez told of how he was driving through the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris in the early hours of August 31, 1997.

He said he stopped opposite the Princess's crashed car and ran across the tunnel to the smoking wreck without realizing who was inside.

The doctor could immediately see driver Henri Paul was dead, as was the man he later learned was Diana's lover Dodi Fayed.

In the back seat was a woman whom he did not recognize.

"She was alive," he said. "She was moaning, she was breathing but she was really weak, I would say unconscious and weak.

"I do not remember any injury on her forehead. I just remember a few drops of blood but I would not say a serious injury."

Richard Keen QC, representing the family of Henri Paul, asked him: "Do you remember saying that you thought the lady you had treated would survive?"

He answered: "Yes, I said that" - but added he was not aware of the extent of her internal injuries.