Firm Donates $33,000 to Charity for Selling Toxic Toothpaste

A company that sold some 80,000 tubes of toothpaste containing a poisonous ingredient has pleaded no contest to violating California's health and safety code.

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo says Selective Imports pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor Thursday and will donate $33,000 to charity.

A second company, Vernon Sales, agreed last fall to pay $10,000 to charity. Delgadillo says the charges against the company will be dismissed in a year.

Selective Imports sold to distributors nationwide a Chinese toothpaste called Cooldent that contained a potentially harmful chemical called diethylene glycol. Vernon Sales was accused of distributing some in Los Angeles.

No illnesses were reported but most of the toothpaste is still unaccounted for. A recall remains in effect.

A call to the lawyer for Selective Imports wasn't immediately returned Friday.