Fired Philadelphia TV Anchor Seeks Depositions, Documents From KYW-TV

A TV news anchor fired after her arrest over a skirmish with New York police is seeking depositions and documents for a possible lawsuit against the station, her lawyer indicated Wednesday.

Alycia Lane, 35, seeks depositions from two station executives concerning her Jan. 7 dismissal, lawyer Paul Rosen said in papers filed in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. The job reportedly paid $700,000 a year.

Rosen's filing claimed the station did not notify Lane in writing she had been fired or give specific reasons for her dismissal.

Lane's arrest last month capped a string of public embarrassments involving the vivacious brunette, who shed tears over her divorce on-air with Dr. Phil McGraw and sent bikini photos of herself to a married male friend, NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen. The photos were intercepted by his wife, who fired back a tart response, congratulating Lane for her fit physique. An embarrassed Lane called Eisen a longtime platonic friend.

Lane faces an April 3 hearing in the alleged assault of a female undercover officer, a charge she denies.

Rosen's request seeks depositions and reams of documents that he says are necessary to determine if a civil complaint should be filed.

Rosen would not say whether a lawsuit is certain. "Upon completion of this investigation, Alycia will then determine what course of action is in her best interest," he told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

TV station spokeswoman Joanne Calabria responded in a written statement: "We've seen the filing. There is nothing new here. We believe we made our position on this matter clear in our previous statements."