Fired 44-Year-Old Stripper Sues Club for Age Discrimination

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A Canadian exotic dancer has filed an age discrimination suit against a Toronto-area strip club, saying she was fired because she is 44 years old, The National Post reported.

Kimberlee Ouwroulis, who began stripping when she was 40, says the manager at New Locomotion strip club sat her down on June 6 and said, "Your time is up here," the Post reported.

When she asked if it was because of her age, he allegedly told her another older woman had been fired the same day, and the club was going for a younger look. Ouwroulis says she would like to continue stripping until she is 47 or 48.

Ouwroulis told the Post that while the job is about looks, it is also about personality and attitude, all of which made her a great dancer. She has filed an age discrimination complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

She is currently working at another strip club as a dancer.

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