Say this about this now global financial crisis... we matter.

The United States matters.

Others may bash us, scorn us, trivialize us, but clearly they all depend on us. Not just our money, but our very financial health.

And when we're not healthy, let's just say they're not and then some. Our cold becomes their pneumonia. Our gas their very explosion.

And here's why: They simply can't deal with something this big. Because despite problems with this rescue, they have no such mechanism to try the same.

I think that might be to the good. Here's what's not: Agreeing on an alternative — any alternative.

The one glaring thing I've discovered in this now fractured European Union is there is no unity of purpose among its many members.

England and France want to throw a lot of money at the problem. Germany does not.

Ireland ignores both and acts to rescue its banks on its own.

That's why their currency is down and ours is up. The same currency from the same country once considered passé and at best, lost.

I guess in a global slowdown, the lowdown is: We matter. We matter a lot. And our dollars matter a lot more. And our shopping dollars a lot more than that.

If we're less inclined to buy their stuff, they're stuffed. And they're left to ponder a truth that bothers them to this day: America rules the day.

As we go, so they go. And we aren't going anywhere, which means they aren't either.

And it's killing them — really, really killing them. Not that they don't matter. But that after all this, we do.

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