Federline's Lawyer: No Federline-Spears Sex Tape Exists

There is no Kevin Federline-Britney Spears sex tape, Federline's lawyer said Tuesday.

Attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan issued the statement in response to "reports rampant in the press and media regarding rumors of alleged attempts by Kevin Federline" to sell a purported sex video.

"While this is endemic of countless false and inaccurate stories that have made their way into the media regarding Kevin, his marriage to Britney, and the divorce proceedings which they are presently going through, I want to put this issue to rest once and for all," Kaplan said.

"There is not a sex video of Kevin and Britney in existence. It goes without saying that the stories of Kevin attempting to sell such a video are patently false and anyone who reports that they have information of such attempts is either lying or reporting the lie of someone else," he said.

The couple married in 2004, and Spears, 24, filed for divorce this month. Federline, 28, has counter-filed, seeking custody of their two children.

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