Federline's Attorney Seeks Police Report on Spears' Custody Incident

An attorney for Kevin Federline wants the police department to release its investigative report on an incident at ex-wife Britney Spears' home a week ago that led to the pop star losing custody of her two sons.

According to a court order released Friday by Los Angeles County Superior Court, there was a hearing Thursday in the couple's child custody dispute. Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, asked for the police report and also requested the names of the law enforcement officers who responded.

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A hearing on the requests will be held Monday.

Police intervened Jan. 3 when Spears refused to return the children to Federline after a court-monitored visit.

After a standoff, Spears, 26, was taken to a hospital in an ambulance that was chased by a crowd of photographers.

The next day, Commissioner Scott Gordon awarded sole legal and physical custody of 1-year-old Jayden James and 2-year-old Sean Preston to Federline and suspended Spears' visitation rights.

Spears left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center a day and half later.

According to the court order, Gordon denied a request from Spears' lawyers to close Thursday's hearing to the media.

Court spokesman Allan Parachini said it would be unusual if the attorneys did not move to close Monday's hearing to the media.

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