Fed Watching

You want to hear me go out on a limb? Get ready for a bold prediction.

The Fed will not cut interest rates this week.

And do you want to hear another bold prediction?

The markets will love it.

That's right. I know it sounds a little crazy. But stocks will go up, even though interest rates won't once again go down.

Here's why: the Fed not moving means the Fed's not worried.

Not that Alan Greenspan is Nostradamus. I have more than a few reservations with that guy. But that's not my point. The rebounding economy is. And this time, I think Wall Street will see that. Not the lower interest rates they always crave, but the economic pickup they crave even more. Because you can't get stocks moving until the economy's moving.

I think it's moving and I think the stock market knows it's moving.

And I think the stock market is going to rejoice on Wednesday when Alan Greenspan himself confirms it's moving, by not moving on interest rates.

So write it down: the Fed doesn't move on Wednesday, but stocks move higher — a lot higher.

Now, if I'm right, I'll crow even more. If I'm wrong... well, just forget you heard this.

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