Fearing Discrimination, College Bans 'Christmas' and 'Easter' From School Calendar

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An English college has adjusted their school calendar to ban the labels ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ breaks in a move to avoid offending their students from other religious backgrounds, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Monday.

Yorkshire Coast College’s calendar now reflects the change from the traditionally named breaks to the newly branded “end of term breaks.”

The decision was made by college officials to “increase inclusion and diversity,” the Mail said.

But some critics have charged that the move is “political correctness gone mad,” as Tory MP Robert Goodwill told the Mail.

“We are a Christian Country, and to be honest, religious tolerance in this country is about respecting other people’s religious beliefs,” Goodwill said. “School terms are traditionally separated by Christmas and Easter and they should be referred to as such.”

But the college emphatically defends their decision, stressing that it is in line with the U.K.’s education guidelines.

“Every school and college, wherever located, is responsible for educating its learners who will live and work in a country which is diverse in terms of cultures, religions or beliefs, ethnicities and social backgrounds,” a college spokeswoman told the Mail.

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