FCUK Ad Angers Tennessee Parents

A group of Tennessee parents are livid about a teen magazine ad for a company known for its provocative acronym, FCUK (search).

Clothing store company French Connection United Kingdom ran an ad for one of its perfumes in Seventeen magazine, which is available at several Knox County (search) public school libraries in Knoxville, Tenn.

Some parents were so outraged that they complained to school officials, prompting at least a dozen schools to review all their magazine subscriptions.

But other groups, like the American Library Association (search), said such an outcry could have a domino effect until more and more periodicals would be removed from school library shelves because a few people found something in them offensive.

FCUK Fragrances apologized for upsetting people and said it would pull the ad from publications targeting younger readers. Seventeen promised to review its advertising content.

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