FBI Looking for Potential Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Bomber

The FBI said Wednesday it was looking for a man who purchased several small propane canisters, Valentine's Day teddy bears and BB gun pellets last month from a Wal-Mart store in this Los Angeles suburb.

Although the purchase could be harmless, the FBI said, the items could be assembled into small bombs.

The agency received an anonymous tip last week that a man between the ages of 22 and 35 and possibly of Arab descent paid cash for the items on Jan. 15 and left the Santa Clarita store in a white delivery truck.

"The man is not a suspect," the FBI's Los Angeles office said in a statement. "The FBI is interested in identifying the white delivery truck and this man in an effort to clarify the nature of his purpose."

According to the FBI, the man purchased seven twin-pack propane fuel canisters, each 8 inches tall; 12 packs of BB pellets, each containing about 350 BBs; and nine white Valentine's Day teddy bears, each about 20 inches tall.