FBI Interrogator: Saddam Hussein Cried at Last Meeting

The FBI interrogator who spent a year becoming Saddam Hussein's best friend says the former Iraqi dictator cried like a baby during their last meeting, according to a new book by investigative journalist Ronald Kessler.

George Piro, who told Kessler he befriended Saddam to extract confessions, said, "When we were saying bye, he started to tear up."

Saddam also feared Iran and told his American captors he wanted Tehran to believe he possessed nuclear and biological weapons, according to Kessler.

"Saddam said that if America thought that he had WMD, then, of course, Iran would, and this would fulfill his goal of making sure that Iran did not want to attack Iraq," Kessler told NBC News.

The Arabic-speaking Piro won Saddam's confidence by convincing him that he was the fallen strongman's only contact with the outside world.

At one point Piro even asked his Lebanese-born mother to bake special cookies and send them from California to Baghdad via FedEx, Kessler told Page Six of the New York Post.

Piro had other ways of controlling his captive.

"If Saddam had enough baby wipes, he would use them to clean food like apples before he ate them," Kessler told Page Six. "Piro realized that, as a way of manipulating him, he could control how many baby wipes Saddam received."