Fast Facts: U.S. Population Shift

The U.S. population is projected to hit 300 million this fall, probably in October. It officially reached 200 million on Nov. 20, 1967. A look at how the population has changed in 29 years:


Population: 200 million

Pct. White non-Hispanics: 83

Pct. Hispanics: 4.7

Pct. Blacks: 11.1

Immigrants: 9.7 million

Median age: 28 years

People per square mile: 57

Most popular girl name: Lisa

Most popular boy name Michael


Population: 300 millions

Pct. White non-Hispanics: 67

Pct. Hispanics: 14.4

Pct. Blacks: 13.4

Immigrants: 36 million

Median age: 36 years

People per square mile: 85

Most popular girl name: Emily

Most popular boy name: Jacob