Fast Facts: Thursday's Schedule

Following is Thursday's podium schedule for the Democratic National Convention:

4:00 pm to 7:00 p.m.

Call to Order
The Honorable Bill Richardson:
Governor of New Mexico, Permanent Chair, Democratic National Convention

Rabbi Ronne Friedman:
Temple Israel, Boston

Presentation of Colors
New England Joint Service Color Guard

Pledge of Allegiance
Ana Cruz:
Tampa, Florida

National Anthem
Sergeant Dan Clark:
Massachusetts State Police

James Socas: Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia

The Honorable Jack Ford: Mayor of Toledo, Ohio

Kwong Kow Chinese Drum Ensemble

The Honorable Corrine Brown: U.S. House of Representatives, Florida

The Honorable Fernando Ferrer: Former Bronx Borough President, New York

The Honorable Jean Carnahan: Former United States Senator, Missouri

The Honorable Francis Slay: Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri

The Honorable C. Virginia Fields: Manhattan Borough President, New York

The Honorable Bill Pascrell, Jr.: U.S. House of Representatives, New Jersey

The Honorable Jim Davis: U.S. House of Representatives, Florida

The Honorable Steve Israel: U.S. House of Representatives, New York

The Honorable Stephen Lynch: U.S. House of Representatives, Massachusetts

The Honorable Jack Reed: United States Senate, Rhode Island

The Honorable John Lewis: U.S. House of Representatives, Georgia

Anna Burger, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU and Teri Murphy, registered nurse and member, SEIU Local 199, Dubuque, Iowa

The Honorable Byron Dorgan: United States Senate, North Dakota

Richard Trumka: Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO

The Honorable Carl Levin: United States Senate, Michigan

The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.: President, Maryland State Senate

The Honorable Ellen Tauscher: U.S. House of Representatives, California 
The Honorable Barbara Boxer:
United States Senate, California

The Honorable Gary Locke: Governor of Washington

Vice Presidential Nomination Process
The Honorable Harvey Gantt:
Former Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina

The Honorable John Breaux: United States Senate, Louisiana

The Honorable Raul Grijalva: U.S. House of Representatives, Arizona

Moves for Acclimation and Calls for Vote

The Honorable Michael Michaud: U.S. House of Representatives, Maine


The Honorable Mark Udall: U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado

The Honorable Barney Frank: U.S. House of Representatives, Massachusetts

The Honorable Kweisi Mfume: President, NAACP

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Women of the U.S. House of Representatives

The Honorable Louise Slaughter:
U.S. House of Representatives, New York

The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton: U.S. House of Representatives, District of Columbia

The Honorable Mark Warner: Governor of Virginia

The Honorable James Clyburn: U.S. House of Representatives, South Carolina

The Honorable Juanita Millender-McDonald: U.S. House of Representatives, California

The Honorable Edward Markey: U.S. House of Representatives, Massachusetts

John Sweeney: President, AFL-CIO

Gavel to Order
The Honorable Bill Richardson:
Governor of New Mexico, Permanent Chair, Democratic National Convention

America the Beautiful
Mavis Staples

The Honorable Joseph Biden: United States Senate, Delaware

General Wesley Clark (Ret.)

Satellite feed from Orlando, Florida

The Honorable Joseph Lieberman: United States Senate, Connecticut 
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi:
U.S. House of Representatives, California, House Democratic Leader

Satellite feed from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Performance by Willie Nelson

The Honorable Madeleine Albright: Former Secretary of State

Satellite feed from Albuquerque, New Mexico 

"Mosaic of Americans"
Alfre Woodward:

Includes satellite feeds from:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Columbus, Ohio
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Orlando, Florida
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Portland, Oregon 
9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Performance by Carole King 

Andre Heinz

Vanessa Kerry

Alexandra Kerry

John Kerry Biographical Film

John Kerry's Vietnam Swiftboat Crewmates
Jim Rassmann of Florence, Oregon will speak
The Reverend David Alston, Columbia, South Carolina
Skip Barker, Selma, Alabama
Steve Hatch, Niagra Falls, New York
Jim McDevitt, Wrenthem, Massachusetts
Mike Medeiros, San Leandros, California
Pat Runyon, Eaton, Ohio
Wade Sanders, San Diego, California
Del Sandusky, Dunedin, Florida
Fred Short, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Gene Thorson, Ames, Iowa
Jim Wasser, St. Anne, Illinois
Drew Whitlow, Huntsville, Arkansas
Bill Zaladonis, Sanford, Florida

The Honorable Max Cleland: Former United States Senator, Georgia

John Kerry


Father John Ardis:
Paulist Center Community of Boston