Fast Facts: Teen's Timeline

A timeline of the travels of Farris Hassan, 16, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who went to Iraq without telling his parents:

Dec. 11 — Departs Miami International Airport, cutting a week of school.

Dec. 12 — Gets connection in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dec. 13 — Lands in Kuwait City at 12:05 a.m. Tells parents for first time he plans to go to Baghdad. Reaches the Kuwait-Iraq border by taxi but cannot cross because of tight security before Iraq's parliamentary election.

Dec. 15 — Flies to Beirut, Lebanon, and stays with family friends. Spends time interviewing minority Christians.

Dec. 25 — Flies to Baghdad International Airport, where family contacts pick him up and drop him off at a hotel known to house Americans.

Dec. 27 — Walks into the offices of The Associated Press. AP contacts U.S. Embassy.

Dec. 28 — Members of 101st Airborne drive him to embassy, which takes custody of him.

Sometime this weekend — Scheduled to fly from Baghdad to Beirut to Kuwait City to the United States, eventually landing in Miami.