Fast Facts: Presidential Family Wedding Trivia

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1. President Bush's daughter, Jenna, is not the first twin to be married while their father was in the Oval Office. Andrew Jackson Jr., a twin boy born to President Jackson's sister-in-law, was adopted at birth by the president and his wife, Rachel, and raised as their own child. He married Sarah Yorke in 1831 while his father was president.

2. President Nixon's daughter, Tricia, is the only child of a president married in the Rose Garden.

3. The wedding celebration of President Monroe's daughter, Maria, was marred by murder. One of her wedding receptions was held near the White House in the home of American war hero Stephen Decatur. After Decatur was murdered, all the other wedding receptions were canceled, and flags were flown at half-staff across the country.

4. In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice received scores of wedding gifts, including a string of 62 matched pearls with a diamond clasp from the Cuban government; a mosaic representing paintings in the Vatican from Pope Pius X; and from Empress Dowager, the early 20th century Chinese monarch, a hand-carved, teak chest filled with jewelry, an ermine coat, a fox coat, valuable Chinese paintings and jade carvings.

5. Dorothy Bush, daughter of President George H.W. Bush and sister to President Bush, is the only presidential child married at Camp David.

6. Nine children of sitting presidents have held wedding ceremonies at the White House. The last two were Tricia Nixon in 1971 and Lynda Bird Johnson in 1967. President John Quincy Adams' son John Adams II, who wed in 1828, remains the only son of a president married at the White House.

7. Jenna Bush is the 22nd child of a sitting president to be married, but there have been 23 weddings of presidential children while their fathers were in office. Elliot Roosevelt, son of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was married twice — once in 1933 and again in 1944.